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F5 - Administrating F5 Big IP 101 & 201
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Category: Tutorial

How Do I Become a certified F5 BIG-IP Administrator?
There are two exam you'll need to pass to become an F5 BIG-IP Administrator;

Exam 101 – Application Delivery Fundamentals
Exam 201 – TMOS Administration
The 101 exam is mandatory, you will not be able to jump ahead to the 201 exam, or the 300 level exams. You may not like that, but once you take it you will really appreciate why F5 did this. If you work with F5 on a daily basis you are well aware there is more to becoming an F5 expert than memorizing commands and configuring BIG-IP modules. True application delivery administrators / engineers know you need skills ranging from networking, server administration, security, to development. That is the key to what separates a good F5 admin / engineer, from someone who is only comfortable adding a VIP or modifying pool members. The 101 exam was built to asses foundation knowledge in most of those areas. Not so much on the dev side, but basic iRule concepts are indeed on the 101 blueprint.
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